Friends & family,

Reel Advocacy will be entering a Syrian refugee camp in the Middle East again, in Autumn of 2017, to film a short documentary about the children and babies affected by this brutal conflict. 4.8 million Syrian refugees have fled the country, 2.5 million of those are children. In the area where I am going, 150,000 refugee babies have been born and have absolutely nothing. Reel Advocacy has been given unique access – currently denied to foreigners/journalists – to a camp that is in the epicenter of this crisis, in one of the most unstable regions on earth. This is also why I have to be careful about broadcasting details about my location beyond “Middle East.” The crew will consist of myself and student intern & filmmaker, Alexis Moon.

Syrian Children

I know many of you have been deeply disturbed by the images of children caught up in this hell.  The young girl in the photo, for example, is holding her hands up in a gesture of surrender because she thinks the camera is a gun.

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Here is your chance to really do something.

In the coming weeks, I will be collecting baby supplies; mainly diapers and small blankets. I also have a few people pledging to make newborn kits, which I would also gladly take out. These items will likely be shipped and we will haul out what we can. You don’t have to necessarily start showing up at my house with this stuff today, but please do within the next two weeks. Please keep this in mind, start gathering, or asking around. Spread the word.

Reel Advocacy is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Another thing, as always, is a cash donation. I will be going to this region and spending money on more relief supplies in-country. . If you would like to donate (THANK YOU!), this website is fine, or please come find me in person, mail a check, etc. We are currently in talks with a couple foundations, but if you also know just the one we should contact, please let me know. If all goes well we will come home a) alive and b) with a film that will be used to continue to fund raise, while also hopefully bringing a better understanding of the refugee experience.

THANK YOU to those who have donated so far and to all of you who have pledged supplies. This will make an unbelievable impact.

Updates to come in the weeks ahead, please keep this on your radar. Thank you as always for your continued and gracious support of these projects. It means the world to me, and to so many others.